I’m Daya Halai and my ambition was to create a magazine, to inspire woman globally to ‘Embellish your life, your way!’.

True happiness and contentment comes from fulfilling your dreams, this can from small choices, like which dress to wear, to big choices, like which career to choose.

I grew up in London to a first generation Indian family, growing up I was in amour with the Indian culture, with it’s vibrant colours, intricate fabrics and embroidery, enchanting stories that portray morals, ethics and courage, the symbolism of the various rituals and festivals that celebrated occasions through dance and music, bringing families together.

However, I was also brought up with strict Indian rules, which meant a constant battle to live a western life, the greatest battle being my career path, my choice of Fashion brought resistance, after much debate, a compromise was made of Graphic and Media Design. To my contentment, I enjoyed this and had the pleasure of working with top London design agencies and now run my own Branding and Marketing company, My passion for fashion remained strong and after years of personal hardship, which was challenging and strengthening, I made the choice of starting my fashion label, my desire and stubborn nature to have no regrets, was my motivation, I am now proud of my fashion label, We have been featured in Vogue, dresses have been worn by the Princess of Luxembourg and we are growing.

From my experience, I want to inspire woman to not to give up and fight for what their dreams and this is my aim though this magazine…



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