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Trousers are naturally smart, so you simply have to pick a style you enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in. My favorite style is the Peg leg, because it is both chic and comfortable. They also represent status and authority, so the more the style represents the style of men’s trousers, the more the ‘power’ look can be achieved, a black pin-stripped fabric, in a straight cut with pleats, would have the most impact.

Trousers are practical, so great when you have a day of meetings and when you are on the move, comfort is the most importanat factor here, so a stretchable fabric is most suited. With a safe colour option of Blue, Grey or Black, which also makes it easy to match with a top. For the winter months, a woolen strechable blend would you give that cosy warmth.

You can have also fun with trousers, in bright colours, I have a fusia pink pair, which I match with a white shirt and a pair of white heels. And trousers with patterns, a variety of tartan fabrics, are both classy and can show off your personality, with the type of tartan you choose. Bold patterns, if your brave, make a strong statement, whilst having fun and can be easily made suitable for work with a smart top.

Be the secret power that trousers give!

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