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Cardigans are the perfect item of clothing for the office, they are everything; smart, sophisticated, chic, characterful and oh so comfortable.

Choosing the right fabric is essential, as it determines the look of the cardigan and the feel of it, making it both smart and comfortable. I would always recommend having a black cardigan, making it an easy match, but other less obvious choices would be; a red cardigan, red gives a cardigan that sexy vibe, which is unexpected from a cardigan and makes it interesting; a white cardigan, excels the innocent factor to the highest level, but would also highlight your skin tone, which is always a good thing; a light pink or light blue cardigan will bring out the girl in you, great for the days when your character needs to shine; a golden cardigan, gives you glamour all the way, for your after work drinks, with chicness and sophistication.

With many types of cardigans, how do you choose the right one, to match your outfit? I have a few basic ideas that I follow, making to easy to select. With smart pairs of trousers; a high rise or peg leg trousers would match well with a cropped cardigan or a bolero. A simple straight cut trousers, woud suit many types, a long cardigan, a jack type cardigan or a belted cardigan. With Dresses, I like to show off the dress and so wear a cropped cardigan or a bolero. With skirts, a cardigan vest and cardigan, looks chic. With tight fitted trousers, a zipped or open cardigan will give you that ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Find your cardigan style!

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