Jumpers don’t have to boring, quite the opposite, they can be cozy sexy, with the right jumper, teamed up with the right outfit.

So how do you choose right jumper? A few rules will help; a V-neck line would suit plus size woman, other neck types, like turtleneck, and crew neck would suit the slimmer figure; the length would be dependent on the outfit, a long jumper would suit leggings, a short to medium length jumper with trousers, skirts and jeans; the fabric will effect the drape of the jumper and that oh so important cozy factor, the thicker the fabric, the less the drape and the thinner the fabric, the more the drape; the style and colour of the jumper should reflect the person you are, have fun with it, if your are conservative, go for simple cut with a classic colour and bold, in a soft fabric, if your style is funky, go for bold patterns patterns or strips, in bold colours, in various fabric types or if you want to be simple, go for basic colours, in soft fabrics and in different lengths.

In the colder times, keeping you warm, there is nothing like a cozy jumper, in front of a fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate. In the warmer times, the crochet jumper will let the air flow with a sexy look, for those days out in the sun. In those private moments, wear your partners jumpers, the chances are they will find it emotional…

Are you ready to choose your cozy sexy?


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