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T-shirts don’t have to be boring, they can be completely the opposite, a simple white T-shirt matched with a pair of jeans, is a classic look, whether it be fitted or loose, you can’t go wrong. This outfit can be dressed with a pair of white trainers or a pair of heels, with a matching bag. A simple T-shirt worn with vitality, can be very alluring to a potential partner.

T-shirts were originally worn as under garments, but are now worn as a piece of clothing and have also become a medium for self-expression and advertising.Different styles are available, some with great simple designer touches, like a twisted knot at the bottom, set to one side of the T-shirt, allows for the T-shirt to sit on the body, with a different shape, that compliments the body. Or one made from thin material allowing it be slightly see through, worn with coloured bra or vest underneath, can make for a sexy ensemble. They can make a statement, from printed patterns to a printed message or image, they can truly reflect your personality. The choices are endless, but the most important thing to remember, is that you are making your statement and wearing it with pride. My style is a NYPD navy blue T-shirt, worn with a pair of jeans, a memory of my trip to New York, and great memories they are!

T-shirts make for an easy choice garment to wear, and can be easily matched with a pair of jeans, or a bottom of your choice, great for those lazy days, and worn with a blazer, it is great for work or going out with friends and family.

Which is your T-shirt style?


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