Layering Grace

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Slips and vests can re-define the way of styling. Whether it be your secret for warmth or getting that sexy look, to define and accentuate your body and outfit.

Slips and vests can be used for practical reasons or purely for the great feeling. Layering grace, without being visible, is heavenly warm, without compromising on style. They can also be used to style an outfit, if you are wearing see through garment, wearing a vest or slip in a similar colour, can be worn for practical reasons, but you can choose a bright colour, for a fun and sexy look.

Slips and vests are usually available in nude, white, grey or black, however pairing the slips and vests of different colours and styles, with your outfit, allows you to let the them show instead of keeping it hidden.

Vest is an undergarment that covers the upper part of the body, whith thick or thin straps.

Camisole is a loose-fitting sleeveless undergarment which covers the top part of the body. It normally extends to the waist but is sometimes cropped to expose the midriff, or extended to cover the entire pelvic region. Camisoles can come with a built in support which eliminates the need for a bra.

Full slip is hung from the shoulders by straps, that extend down to the top of the breast area, full slips come in a variety of lengths.

Waist slip is held on to the body around the waist, ususly with an elastic band. The waist slip is also available in a variety of lengths.

Slip Shorts Another way to a skirt style slip is a slip short. Although you can wear shape-wear shorts underneath a dress, you may not always want the extra shaping or heavy-duty material. At the same time, you may want a layer between the thighs to avoid rubbing.

Have fun with layering!



Vanity Fair Women’s Rosette Lace Full Slip

This sexy nylon lace slip is for the woman who loves comfort and elegance. You can wear it as a simple slip or underneath a dress of your choice to add detail. The slip is designed to be extremely comfortable and smooth for all-weather only as nightwear or to line a dress perfectly.


Melody Lev Women’s Knit Cotton Long Lace Trim Full Slip

The cotton slip is comfortable to wear with an elegant touch brought with the lace design adorning the full slip. The slip is ideal for a restful night of shut-eye. Its fabric makes it suitable for those seeking comfort and simplicity over everything else when wearing their favourite slip.


Pour Moi? Women’s Love Lace Full Slip

This comfortable, sexy and elegant slip is perfect for the lady in you. The slip is ideal for all those who want to feel sexy and beautiful while spending time alone or with your loved one. The slip is comfortable to wear at all times and also for a good night’s rest.


Avidlove Women Full Slips Cotton V Neck

This cotton slip is one of the most comfortable slips and is useful as nightwear or as a lining for your dress. The slip is exceptionally comfortable and comes in various colours. You can match and wear it with your favourite choice of colours and also experience comfortability at all times with this slip-on you.


Fruit of the Loom Women’s Vest

These vests are of fine quality but usually are a size smaller than expected. However, when worn undershirts, they do the job of hiding bras completely. The classic range of colors looks good with a tan. The extra layer of thick cotton is appreciated during winters.

DYLH Women’s Padded Vest

DYLH offers comfortable bra-free tops that give great support and shape too. The elastic isn’t too thick or bulky. The material is of excellent quality slinky and cool, and are true to size. The pads do show a bit on lighter shades but invisible on the black.

Jockey Ladies’ Skimmies Slip Short

For someone with heavy thighs, wearing a dress or a skirt can be uncomfortable in summer. However, Jockey Ladies slip shorts do the trick- fit great and therefore, don’t feel sticky or sweaty walking around all day at the parks and beaches.


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