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I like to make a statement with bold coats, I have several types, a classic smart simple fur coat, a white cape and a royal blue blazer style leather coat.

But if you don’t feel like you can make statement as strong as this, you can choose other options, like a classic wool blend tailored coat in black would be the safest option, and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Equally a biege trench coat is another classic option. But how do you find the right coats for you?

If comfort is your thing then Belted Wrap Coat is great, it is easy, warm and comfortable, but with the option of being bold as you want in the choice of colour. For a smart personality, this can be matched with a Chersterfield coat, the tailored coat will give you the perfect solihette and polished look for work and equally warm and comfortable. If reliablilty is your personlity trait then a a trench coat will deliver, from style, protection and the ability to match any oufit, it will be your ‘go to’ coat. A military coat would suit a strong personality, with a stylish and fitted look, that reflects the strength of the military and the fitted look would give you that sexiness. If you have a cool head with effortless style, then the Cocoon coat is perfect for you, this coat is trendy and will make you stand out from your work crowd. A grounded personlaity would suit a timeless Cape, with warmth and comfort and with your choice of colour or pattern you can glide through you work day with confidence and style.

Be you and be warm with suave!

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