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I have to say from all jacket types, my favourite is the leather jacket, it is versatile and can be matched with most outfits, it is also practical by being warm and hard wearing, so it can last you a long time. This makes it worth while spending a little extra and getting a good quality jacket, also the better quality jackets, will come with a variety of interesting linings.

A popular choice would be a black leather jacket, matched with jeans, dresses or trousers, finished with a pair of heels and the classic Ray-Ban sunglasses, however it must not be forgotten, that you can get great colour options. I have a sky blue one for when the sun is shining, and I match it with white trousers or white jeans, with wedges and white trimmed, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and also have a smart tan coloured one, for those evening events, and works well with a black coloured outfits and posh heels.

In the early 1900s leather jackets were worn by aviators and members of the military, they became known as ‘bomber jackets’ and were insulated and known for their warmth. This protected pilots from exposure to the extreme climate conditions, found at high altitude. In the latter half of the 20th century, the leather jacket had an iconic status and general acceptance through Hollywood, popularized by many stars in the 1940s and 1950s. From this popularisation and history, the leather jacket carried a unique character, of being ‘cool’. It is this character, that will give you that sparkle in your eyes.

Sparkle away with you choice of leather!


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