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We spend a lot of time giving thought to dressing our selves but seem to neglect our feet. Sore feet can be frustrating and dilating, keeping our feet happy is key to comfort, socks play a big part in this.

Socks help protect the feet, prevent your shoes and feet from rubbing and blistering and play a significant role in aiding in temperature and moisture control. The quality of socks will most certainly exemplify comfort, the choice of fabric is key to the quality.

Many people do not realise that socks can jazz up any outfit and be part of an outfit, that you can have fun with. They can be what you want them to be; sexy, practical, discreet or fun, and the right pair to match up your style and outfit.

The right choice of socks matching your footwear and outfit, would create a style and boost a sense of confidence in yourself. After all, we know this quite well that clothing is a reflection of our personality. A black pant, white shoes, and bright socks can be your feature for the day. It will create a sexy feel, with your outfit and its fun too!

Match your socks with different kinds of footwear and with various outfits;

You can play with patterned or coloured options and keep them wooly during the winter month, for that oooh feeling.

Add your personality to your work outfit with a bright coloured socks or keep it safe with a discreet option, in black or nude, for those important meetings and presentations.

Evenings and Occasions
Keep it silky or a denier, for that sophisticated look. Going black, coloured or nude to match your outfit.



Thin Plain Ankle Socks
Bring colour or keep it plain in your sock drawer. These are breathable socks and that don’t have a constrictive top. Made with a soft touch cotton, perfect all year round, keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Great for casual wear, or for an occasion and will bring you the comfort and practicality. Sock Snob Thin Plain Cotton Ankle Socks

Ankle Denier Socks
A stretch-fit design ensures a snug fit, with that sexy feel in 20 Denier. Reinforced toe helps prevent runs, snags and tears, with durability. Suitable for casual, work or occasions, available in black and nude colours. MANZI Black & Nude Ankle Socks

No Show Socks
Flat non slip socks, that are no show and comfortable, allowing your feet to breathe. With a fabric that controls moisture and are anti-bacterial. The high elastic makes them suitable for different foot sizes, and for of shoes that require invisibilityFEPITO No Show Socks

Over the Knee Socks
Dare to be different, these over the knee socks are just the ticket, available in variety of colours, to match your outfit. Come with the comfort factor, made from a high quality fabric. Sentelegri Over the Knee Socks

Warm Cosy Socks
Be cosy in the winter months, with these warm, stretchy, comfortable, lightweight, and sweat-wicking socks. With a soft feel and an amazing feel to the skin. They are designed in various colours and patterns, allowing you to make your fashion statement. YSense Warm Thick Crew Sock

Fun Socks
These funky odd socks, would be the centre of any conversation, with multi coloured characters. Cotton rich for the comfort factor. Show off your fun side! United Oddsocks Funk You Multi Coloured

Flight Socks
Black with graduated compression throughout, conforming to British Standards. These Anti DVT flight socks are ideal for all types of travel, with discretion and cotton rich, for added comfort. Please seek medical advice before purchasingWB Socks Flight Socks Black

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