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One of the most essential clothing for a girl is her bra, especially when it is to be worn for sports. Sports bra are necessary to keep movement to a minimum, providing tighter and breathable support, thus avoiding any discomfort and reducing potential damage to chest ligaments, during vigorous exercise. 

About 50% of women report some pain or discomfort in their breasts during exercise, this varies considerably in intensity and depends on what they are wearing. This is even more cruial with larger breasts, unrestrained movement of large breasts may contribute to sagging over time.

Different physical activities require different levels of breast control. Yoga, walking and gardening require only ‘Light’ control;  bicycling, power walking and hiking require ‘Light to medium’ control; tennis, soccer and jogging requires ‘Medium’ control; and running, intense workouts, boxing and horseback riding requires ‘High’ control.

To ensure proper support and comfort, understanding and selecting the correct sports bra for you is essential, they range from; Racerback bras, Encapsulation bras, Compression bras, Underwired bras, Non-wired bras, Pullover bras and Criss-cross bras.

Each bra type provides different level of control, as examples; for Light control, a Pullover bra, for Light to Medium control, a Criss-cross bra, for Medium control, an Underwired bra and for High control, an Encapsulation bra. For specific senarios, for example, for developing or sensitive breasts, an Underwired bra is preferred, while for bigger busts, a Compression bra is the best. For a sexier and firmer look, a Criss-cross bra is mostly selected. A Pullover bra is mostly used by teenagers, with less cloth so suitable for tank tops.

As well choosing the correct sports bra, the accurate size and measurements are crucial, for ultimate comfort.

Choose your bra type, get moving and feel good!



Buying the correct sports bra requires consideration of comfort, size, measurements, pads, etc. Our recommendations on Amazon are as follows:

Racerback Bra, for Medium control.
The beat feature this bra holds is that you can choose to keep or remove the pads. It is designed to give life to the cleavage, for a fill figure look and keep the sides tuxed. Fittin Racerback Sports Bra

Encapsulation Sports Bra, for High control.
An encapsulation sports bra is mainly designed to minimize the bounce. It has brushed adjustable straps and is mainly made up of polyester and elastane. Syrokan High Support Sports Bra

Compression Sports Bra, for full support.
A compression sports bra is engineered to adapt the women’s full figure. It has a hook and eye closure and a mesh camisole that provides secure upper breast containment. Glamorise Full Support Sports Bra

Underwired Sports Bra, for medium control.
Made up of 69% polyester and 28% nylon, this bra serves the purpose of a double lining support. The unique feature about this is that it has an antibacterial fabric technology for odour resistance. Freya Underwired Sports Bra

Non Wired Sports Bra, for light control.
This is hook and eye closure, wire free sports bra with a Breathable performance fabric for comfort. It is Foam molded, with seam free inner cups that encapsulate each breast, offering control and a defined shape. Panache Non Wired Sports Bra

Pullover Bra, for light control.
A pullover bra invites teenagers these days to enjoy the flex softness and comfort of this bra along with a sexier look. The feature that interests teenagers if the clasp-free hook that covers lesser skin and allows wearing strapless clothes without the fear of embarassing skin exposed. Made of Nylon and Spandex, this bra provides support with a flattering look. Hanes Wire Free Bra

Criss-cross bra, for light to medium control.
A criss-cross bra is made to give a firmer and a bolder look to women. These criss-cross bra have a feature of removable pads which allows users to select their comfort. Made of 96% nylon and 4% elastane, and its features include soft, comfortable, stretchy and light weight. AKAMC Sports Bra


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