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Pleated skirts are oh so chic and Pencil skirts are oh so sexy! Both great choices for work, matched with a shirt will complete the look. A pencil skirt in a dark colour, can be matched with striped or patterned shirt, to add that individual touch. A pleated skirt, made from a printed fabric, can be matched with a plain shirt or visa versa. Which ever your choice, you will be turning heads at the office, as we all know, that’s where the romance happens.

With many other skirt choices, a skater skirt is another good choice that is fun but can be made formal, when matched with a shirt and / or a blazer. A-line skirt is a safe option, that can be both patterned or plain and matched with a shirt and / or a blazer. High-waisted skirts ooze confidence, by giving the body height, which can be extended when matched with a high colloar top or softened when matched with a low neck line.

Wrap and Cowl skirts, have unique characters, so if you are looking to be different, this is for you, so be sure to rock it! Both would style up with a simple shirt or a simple top / jumper, so show off the unique characteristics.

Vintage skirts are always a good option, as they are stylish and respectful, perfect for the office, and usually made well with a great choice of fabric, in great colour combinations and unique patterns.

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