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A suit, viewed as a formal item of clothing, but this does have to be the case, it can be casual smart, which is now more the dress code for most companies, a suit simply means compotenets of garments, made from the same fabric. One of my great casual smart suit is made from a skirth and a long waistcoat, made from a silky cotton fabric in a grey / green colour.

But you might want that structured silohette, that a suit gives, which I do, for those important meetings or simply to make you feel powerful on that day. Three is a magic number, a suit made of three components will always be a winner, a jacket, waistcoat and a pair of trousers or skirt, however can can go for the obvious two piece suit and choose from other style options, like: single or double-breasted; different collar designs, notched, peaked, shawl, or unconventional styles, like a neru collar; with a variety of inner pockets, and two main outer pockets, which are generally either patch pockets, flap pockets, or jetted pockets, a breast pocket is usually found at the left side, where a pocket square or handkerchief can be displayed; all styles typically have three or four buttons on each cuff, which are often purely decorative, five buttons are a modern fashion innovation, the number of buttons is primarily a function of the formality of the suit, a very casual jacket might traditionally only one button.

Suits are traditionally made from colours; black, grey or navy. Having suits made of these colours but with bright coloured lining, adds style and a unique elemant. If you are feeling brave then a white or bright coloured suit, would give the structured silohette, with a touch of sparkle, which can be finished with a pair of heels.

This is sure to give you a powerful day!

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